The large city of the State of Nevada, Las Vegas is recognized as the world capital of the world of gambling. After London, it is the second hotel city. Besides, Las Vegas is also very popular for big events. The fame of its gambling and other pleasures earned it the nickname Sin City. Currently, the attractions are constantly diversifying.

For those who wish to have fun and hope to win jackpots, this is the best place to indulge their desires. However, Las Vegas has undergone equally trying hardships. Indeed, people are willing to go out of their way sometimes to make easy money. At the risk of going to jail, they are ready to commit crimes. Following the terrible shooting in October perpetrated by Stephen Paddock, November is a dark month for Sin City. The luxurious hotel-casino Bellagio, renowned for its refinement, suffered the expense on November 28th. Certainly Las Vegas is famous across the world, it also attracts criminals. The robbery takes place in the Las Vegas Strip.

A terrible afternoon for Bellagio

The afternoon, around 4 p.m., is the time when the tragedy occurred. It was an armed robbery. The scene took place in a poker room. A man with glasses and a wig storms into the grounds of the Bellagio and demands that the crates be emptied before he evaporates into the wild. He was reported to have escaped driving a silver Chevy Cruze registered in Nevada. After investigation, according to police chief John Pelletier, this bandit was alone, however, an unwilling accomplice was with him near his car. Unfortunately, the individual is elusive. But, no matter how much money is stolen, he will face the maximum sentence. For this thief, attacking a poker room was a godsend, because the players had their eyes riveted on their cards and did not have time to look elsewhere and hardly noticed anything focused on their game. In addition, everything happened very quickly according to the claims of the famous winner of World Series Of Poker, Randy Ohel. Still, according to his statements, there were no injuries.