April 19, 2021

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What is the Future of Live Streaming?

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Live streaming refers to web-based media played and recorded live in real-time without needing to download anything to the user’s computer. It’s often called simply streaming, but in fact this shortened term is rather ambiguous, since” Streaming” can also refer to any multimedia delivered and played simultaneously on a network without the need of a full downloaded program.

It has been noted that there is some confusion with the term “live streaming” versus “online streaming.” One can be both, and the confusion stems from the difference between real-time and time-stopped recording media, which differs dramatically from regular online video.

The best way for a company to ensure that it’s using the most effective method of marketing and promotion for its new application, or for an existing, more obscure product or service, is to go live with an app. In order to get this to work properly, the developer must have a live stream of the content being promoted, as well as access to a quality phone/ tablet display, to allow viewers to see the action directly on their screen.

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, and with a growing desire among younger people to own one, the opportunity to reach out to this younger generation via live streaming Singapore has become more important than ever before. If a company can make the initial investment to create a video app for mobile use, then it can reach thousands of new customers, as well as bring in more unique visitors to its website.

For instance, as cellular usage rises, companies will begin to offer more options for streaming videos, such as allowing viewers to go live with their streams, automatically. In the near future, platforms may also allow viewers to interact with the streamer or host, as well as to comment on certain parts of the video, all things that are sure to increase viewer engagement.