April 19, 2021

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Titanium round bar stock

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Titanium Round Bar is a round bar metal component made up of titanium metal. There are different grades of titanium which constitute to different mechanical properties and are used in different industries. The titanium grading is important to select what mechanical property is needed and to fit into the budget of any application. The round bars could be found in different dimensions, ranging from very thing titanium wires all the way up to very wide round bars for construction. The titanium round bar is used in different industries. The applications include the construction industries, medical industry, oil and gas refineries, the aerospace industry and others. These are used in various applications ranging from low cost domestic applications to high cost jewelry making and aircraft engines and exhausts.

The corrosion resistance is the primary property that makes the titanium material used along a wide variety of applications. There are additions of magnesium, molybdenum, chromium and other elements to make different grades of titanium with different mechanical properties. Commercially pure titanium is also used. Apart from the alloy composition, the shape of the bars also differs such as the titanium rectangular bar. There are about 40 grades of titanium. And the round bar is the most common. The most used grade is grade 5. The titanium grade 5 round bar prices are affordable that it could be used cost effectively. The bars are also used to produce accessories such as screws, bolts and nuts. Some of the bars are made for welding ease and some are made for secondary production.