April 19, 2021

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How To Reduce Your Business’ Dependence On Google

1 min read

Google is undoubtedly the biggest source of organic customers, clients, leads, sales, and revenue for thousands of businesses across the globe. Singapore’s story is no different. Its economy is growing at a constant pace and Google is playing a huge role in it. More and more businesses are coming online and getting paid customers with the help of Google. There is nothing wrong if you are also doing the same. However, too much dependence on Google can really hurt your business as you must have seen with many other businesses recently. With each algorithm update, many websites get removed from SERPs, as a result, they lose their customers, sales, and revenue. If you don’t want this happening with your business, then create email marketing campaign as soon as possible.

This one step will put you in direct touch with your customers and potential clients without the help of Google. By doing so, you will not only minimize the impact of Google algorithm updates on your search rankings but also ensure that your sales and revenue never drop regardless of how the search engine market is performing.